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The Internet has made accessing information from anywhere more convenient than ever. With more than 79% of North America’s population using the internet (, the  need for accurate and timely online information in association management is more important than ever. Campbell Property Management offers two primary options for Community websites that can be tailored to the unique needs of the Association. These websites allow Board members to be able to do their work and access needed information anytime and anywhere.  Community websites also make it easy for owners to pay their fees, view their account status, understand the rules and have access to forms.

Campbell’s Community Website Options

  1. BASIC
    For communities that want a PUBLIC, relatively static site to promote their community and improve communication between the residents and Board.  BASIC is ideal for communities that have basic amenities and social events, or expect limited online interaction from their Association Members.  This is also the right option if the Community does NOT have a Resident or Board Member that is committed to updating the content on a weekly basis. View one of our BASIC samples:
    For communities that want a site with PUBLIC and PRIVATE information, including more robust online communication, sharing and interaction with residents, including a wide variety of resident-only communications and tools, plus significant integration with TOPS for residents and Board Members.  ACTIVE is ideal for communities with significant amenities, active social calendars and a community that is enthusiastic about communicating online.  This option does require significant commitments from one or more Residents or Board Members to update the content on a weekly basis. View one of our ACTIVE samples:

For more information regarding the capabilities of these options, please feel free to contact us. If you have a special need or request for the website, do not hesitate to ask, there are more customizable options available.

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