Property Fraud Alert | Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller, Palm Beach  County

Property fraud is a very serious issue which, according to the FBI, is the fastest growing white-collar crime in the United States. This crime occurs when criminals file fraudulent deeds to transfer ownership and then try to mortgage, sell, or rent your property.

Fortunately, there are free services offered that help to protect your property from fraud. Both Broward and Palm Beach Counties offer these services which, if used, send you a notification whenever a document is recorded under your name or property. Receiving one of these alerts early on can provide you with valuable time to stop the criminal activity.

Below are the links to the Palm Beach County and Broward County sites:

Signing up for these alerts is quick, free, and only requires some basic information to confirm your identity. You are also able to cancel your free subscription at any time.

by Evan Bradley, CFO, Campbell Property Management