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Boynton Beach CPM 1Campbell Property Management and Coral Lakes have been the perfect team for several years.  As a Community of 1,372 units we rely on the efficiency and knowledge of their entire staff.  We look forward to a continued relationship.

–  Ellen G., President
Coral Lakes, Boynton Beach

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Established in 1953, the team at Campbell Property Management has proven itself to homeowner and condominium associations throughout the area as the Boynton Beach property management expert in South Florida! We understand that the principal reason you want to hire the best property management company in Boynton Beach is peace of mind – you want to know that your valuable property investments and assets are being professionally and reliably managed and maintained by a company that truly cares, and whose absolute priority is YOUR satisfaction as a customer.

CPM’s team understands the essential components of a successful property management strategy:

  • Being there for the community at all times, effectively and responsively
  • Proving our value with cost-effective management procedures that only serve to benefit our clients
  • Ensuring our communities are compliant with State Statutes and implement any changes

A successful property management business is built upon strong, mutually-beneficial relationships – a solid foundation of trust and shared goals. Community Associations in Boynton Beach, FL enjoy the most experienced property management services South Florida has to offer – right in their neighborhood – thanks to Campbell Property Management! We have the best team of property management professionals in Boynton Beach! Because our licensed managers understand that no two communities are exactly the same, we customize our Boynton Beach property management solutions to accommodate the unique needs of each association. Our satisfied clients live in all kinds of different communities in Boynton including:  active adult or 55+ communities, luxury hi-rises, garden style condos and beautifully landscaped HOA’s.  Put our flexibility to work for your Boynton Beach HOA or condominium association today!

With our complete administrative services and responsible accounting and financial maintenance, Campbell Property Management is a true and dependable partner – the trusted teammate who runs the shop perfectly, so that you never have to stress over the minutiae. When you leave the daily operations to us, you can reap the benefits of your profitable enterprise without encountering any of the hassles that can attend Boynton Beach, FL community management.

A Proud Reputation for the Best Community Association Management Services in Boynton Beach

Did you know that 95% of our business comes from positive word-of-mouth referrals? Established communities such as Green Cay Village, Tuscany Bay HOA, Aberdeen and Coral Lakes have relied on Campbell Property Management for over 5 years. With over 75,000 homeowners and 300+ community associations on our long list of loyal, satisfied clients, isn’t it time you rewarded yourself with the best property management company in Boynton Beach, FL? Add your HOA or condominium association to that successful roster – hire Campbell Property Management today!

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