Great People Deliver Great Service

How important is the quality of the people in managing your community?

We are in the people business. We are only as good as the people we hire, develop and retain. Our clients get the best possible people in the market because of how we manage four key processes related to our people:

  1. Sourcing – how we find the right candidates
  2. Evaluation – how we measure the critical skills of the candidate
  3. Onboarding – how we bring new hires into the Campbell culture
  4. Development – how we help our employees learn and grow

Manager and staff turnover can be highly disruptive to the operation of a community. Our low employee turnover is a key reason behind our 98% client renewal rate and has always been a key to Campbell’s long-standing success.

Sourcing:   How do we find the best people?  

We are always recruiting and evaluating talented people. Most of our new hires are identified by other high-performers and referrals from our partners and friends. Since our average manager stays with us for more than 10 years, this certainly makes our job easier as well.

Evaluation:   How do we verify the quality of the candidates before we hire them?  

This cannot be a trial and error process that results in sending out two or three managers in the first year until we find one that works. We have identified the critical skills that are required for a manager to be successful at Campbell. Our interviewing and testing processes are designed to evaluate these skills so that we have clear evidence of someone’s potential before they are hired. We also have a method for gathering feedback on a candidate’s past job performance and skills from prior co-workers. Similar processes are used for other positions including:  bookkeepers, office managers, secretaries, maintenance and janitorial staff and more.

Onboarding:   How do we simplify the transition for boards when new people join?  

Training new employees should not be a burden for the Board of Directors. We have a well-defined process for transitioning operations from other management companies or from self-managed communities. Campbell Management works with our managers and staff to identify and implement the best practices for each community. Our regional managers and controllers also play a key role in training and client transitions – helping to make sure that the right solutions are implemented the right way for each community. If employees need additional technology training we have online resources available in addition to experts that train employees on a variety of topics.

Development:   How do our people adapt to changing needs and continue to grow?

Our on-site staff has access to a wide range of experts, systems, events and information that they can rely on when they need help. Educational topics are sent out monthly, meetings are quarterly and experts are available on-demand.

Our People Goals

  • Hire Top Performers
  • Simplify New Client Transitions
  • Operate Smoothly

Key Processes and Tools

  • Continuous recruiting and evaluations
  • Behavior-based interviews
  • Job-specific skills assessments
  • Past performance validation
  • Background check and drug screening
  • On-the-job training with high-performers
  • On-line training for TOPS and other software tools
  • Regional Mangers and Controllers
  • Monthly Educational Newsletters
  • Quarterly Managers Meetings
  • Online Best Practices Portal
  • Special Topic Webinars
  • Budget and Election Training
  • Construction Advisory Services
  • Information Technology Staff

  Great People

What Clients are Saying About
Our People

Campbell’s many years of experience in the industry is clearly evident. Their personnel have both the knowledge and contacts to meet the needs of the community and resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise.”

— Joyce K., Board President
Regency Lakes HOA, Coconut Creek

“I work closely with the employees of Campbell. They have been extremely available and helpful in the turnover process from our developer”.

— Dr. Carolyn H., Board President
Ocean’s Edge at Singer Island

Knowing the Campbell team is only a phone call away when a problem arises gives me great peace of mind.”

— Marc S., Board President
Toscana North, Highland Beach


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