Florida Hurricane Season and Tropical Storm Preparedness for Association Homeowners


As loyal, long-time partners with homeowners, condominiums and high-rise associations in South Florida, Campbell Property Management has seen our share of the devastating hurricanes and tropical storms that ravage our region every few years. While we cannot prevent monster storms from wreaking occasional havoc on our South Florida communities, experience and technological improvements combined have allowed for better storm preparedness and recovery response after the fact.

According to the Florida Homeowners Handbook To Prepare For Natural Hazards , there are multiple ways we can fortify our homes and improve their chances of withstanding a powerful hurricane or tropical storm.

Hurricane clips or window coverings offer significant protection for a small but worthwhile investment. Bracing on our roof trusses and rafters can also strengthen a house at an affordable cost. Fortifying a home’s roof against powerful storms can be done simultaneously with a during routine roof replacement to save money in the long run, just as upgrading the foundation against flooding can be a wise investment in the life of your home. Implementing any and all of these measures will also add value to your South Florida home! 

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), over the course of the standard 6-month Florida hurricane season, an average of 13 to 20 tropical storms characterized by winds of 39 mph or greater will be named and an estimated 7 to 11 of those storms could be upgraded to hurricane status.


Don’t Ride the Storm Out!

Don’t fall into the trap of complacency because you weathered a previous storm that may not have been as severe as predicted. Here are some helpful tips from the Florida Homeowners Handbook To Prepare For Natural Hazards to improve your storm preparedness:

  1.  Gather your emergency supplies in advance and avoid the rush, chaos and empty store shelves.
  2. Tailor evacuation plans to the type of event – hurricanes/tropical storms, tornadoes, floods and wildfires all behave differently. Your plan should take this into consideration.
  3. Evaluate the physical attributes of your property. If the land is prone to flooding, be sure you have flood insurance. If you have an abundance of trees, have an arborist point out potential danger points. Know your escape route.
  4. Fortify your house to the best of your abilities (as discussed above) with structural reinforcements – protect your windows, doors and garage, and strengthen your roof.
  5. Don’t gamble with your largest lifetime investment – your home. Obtain adequate hurricane and flood insurance whenever possible!

Campbell Property Management cares about all our neighbors in all our South Florida communities. We’ve seen natural disasters bring out the best in people, time and time again. Our sister company, Complete Property Maintenance , provides complete hurricane clean up services as well as comprehensive landscaping services for all the gorgeous, sunny days that bless us the majority of the year. We are a proud part of your community!

Do you have the best Condo and HOA management services in South Florida for your community? Since 1953, Campbell Property Management has been building lifelong relationships and providing excellence in property management to our valued clients in HOAs, condominium associations and high-rise associations. Just like a good friend, Campbell Property Management is there when you need us. Call us today!

You can also view our Hurricane Preparedness Guide by clicking here .

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