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On-Demand HOA Board Member Certification Course

Presented by Evonne Andris, Esq. from Siegfried Rivera
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On-Demand HOA Board Member Certification Course

This on-demand HOA board member certification course is presented by Evonne Andris from Siegfried Rivera, which originally aired on July 18, 2023. This course is exclusively for Board Members of Homeowners Associations and not Condominium Associations.

Simply watch the certification course video below and take note of the password shown at the end of the video.

HubSpot Video

In order to obtain your certificate of completion, simply follow these steps:

  1. Watch the Board Certification Course attentively and make sure to note down the password provided. (The password will be displayed on your screen and will not be heard)
  2. Click on the button to the right-hand side of this page, or open your email client and send an email to Stephanie Bowman ( with the password and your contact information.
  3. Upon receiving your email, Stephanie will send you the certificate of completion.