Let CPM Protect Your South Florida property from the Whitefly!


Property owners in South Florida have recently been introduced to a new and very unwelcome guest as of late. The fig whitefly, Singhiella simplex, is a small, winged insect which has been attacking ficus trees and hedges throughout the region, infesting and devouring the leaves of these plants, as well as weeping figs, azaleas and other plants common to South Florida landscapes. The whiteflies seriously harm the host plants when they drain them of their juices using “needle-like” oral structures. The devastating result? Wilted, yellowed and shedding leaves, impaired plant growth and possible death.

As managers for over 200 community associations and serving more than 70,000 homeowners, Campbell Property Management has a strong vested interest in curtailing this disturbing trend. From Pembroke Pines to Port St. Lucie, the many communities we serve are marked by the beauty of their landscaping and the gorgeous foliage that adorns their neighborhoods.

We have tasked our sister company, Complete Property Maintenance (CPM) , with the job of fighting back against the whitefly, and our licensed pest control technicians are on high alert out in the field! While the whitefly may be a new scourge on our South Florida plant life, CPM’s men in the field are experienced landscaping veterans and certified arborists. Since 1977, we have been providing affordable, expert landscaping solutions to homeowners and their associations, as well as builders and developers throughout South Florida.

If you notice yellowing leaves and unseasonable leaf drop on the ficuses, figs and azaleas around your community, we encourage you to contact Complete Property Maintenance (CPM) at once! We have developed several approaches to whitefly treatment, combining numerous pesticides in a strategy that leads to long-term eradication of the leaf-sucking parasites, paying careful attention to the health of the plants, as well as the natural predators of the whitefly. The enemy of our enemy is our friend!

Ranked in the top 1% of landscaping companies for its size, Complete Property Maintenance (CPM) not only has solutions for whitely infestations in South Florida, we also provide landscape design and installation, complete landscape and ornamental maintenance (including mowing, edging, weed control and more), as well as tree care from certified arborists.

It makes perfect sense that the leading Condo and HOA management company in South Florida would have an elite landscaping company as its partner. Let Campbell Property Management and  Complete Property Maintenance (CPM) help to keep your lovely community beautiful, blossoming and free of unwanted pests. Call us today!


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