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FAN is a compilation of viewpoints, advice and guidance from leaders throughout the Florida Association Management Industry. Almost daily, new articles, blogs posts, and issues emerge which impact Associations in Florida. There are hundreds of sources that are practically impossible to keep up with – we do that for you. Click here to view past issues or for more information.

Case studies, white papers, & articles

To view our collection of relevant industry case studies, white papers, articles, and plans that explore issues commonly faced by many associations, click here.

How to make a payment online

Campbell offers a convenient online payment system for community residents to pay association maintenance dues online. Notice: Not all communities support online payment at this time. If you don’t find your community listed, please call us at (954) 427-8770. To learn more or to make a payment, click here.

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Links to Florida Statutes, DBPR, & other educational tools

For direct links to Florida Statutes 718 & 720, Florida Community Association Journal, book recommendations, community association organizations, and other educational tools, click here.

Upcoming Events 

Campbell offers many courses and events including: HOA and condo certification courses (these fulfill state requirements), educational courses on issues affecting community associations and coalition meetings. Check our events calendar for all our upcoming events. To see our events calendar, click here

In the News 

Campbell has a large presence in the local community. To view Campbell in the news, click here

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