Singer Island’s Best Property Management Solution!

“Our community has undergone a dramatic transformation since being self-managed. The property has never looked better. We consider our relationship with Campbell to be a true partnership.”

–  Dr. Donald M., President
Corniche on Singer Island

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High-rise condominium associations in Singer Island, FL have the most experienced property management services South Florida has to offer right by their side thanks to Campbell Property Management! We know that a successful property management business is always built upon mutually-beneficial relationships – a steadfast foundation of trust and shared goals.

For over 60 years, we have proven ourselves as the established leaders in South Florida’s condominium management industry and have offered Singer Island Property Management Services to many clients. You can count on our services for developmental planning, operational budget and cash flow management, and of course all the standard property maintenance concerns such as concrete restoration, seawall erosion, high risk repair projects – all the issues that we face along the South Florida coastline and the greater Singer Island area, including Riviera Beach and Palm Beach Shores!

Campbell manages many previously self-managed condominiums on Singer Island including Corniche and Via Del Fino. When your board determines that professional management is the best course of action, contact us. We know the hardships board members face in self-managed communities. When you are tired of dealing with employee/employer personnel issues, staffing problems, and working day and night, we are here for you.

What is the single most important reason to hire a property management company in Singer Island, FL? Clearly it is the liberating peace of mind you achieve through the knowledge that your valuable assets and property investments are being professionally and reliably managed and maintained. From administrative services to thorough and responsible accounting and financial maintenance, when you hire Campbell Property Management you get a life-long partner, the stalwart ally who holds down the fort so well that you never have to give it a second thought. When you leave the daily operations to us, you can enjoy the benefits of your profitable enterprise without any of the stressors that can come with the management of a property.

Campbell Property Management has the best team of licensed Singer Island property management professionals (LCAMs), most  of whom have over five years of loyal service with us. Campbell’s team understands the critical components of successful property management are:

  • Being there for the community at all times, effectively and responsively
  • Proving our value with cost-effective management procedures that only serve to benefit our clients
  • Ensuring the Community is 100% compliant with State Statutes

Our Singer Island high-rise condominium management services handle all the common issues such as collections and delinquency, building maintenance and landscaping, the tactful enforcement of rules and regulations and other community needs with assured professionalism. Our goal is to maintain harmonious and thriving communities in Singer Island, and the success of our endeavor is clearly illustrated by our 98% renewal rate!

Did You Know?

Well-known high-rise and luxury condominiums such as 5000 N Ocean, Corniche Condominium and Ocean’s Edge at Singer Island have relied on Campbell Property Management for many years, some since they were originally developed. 95% of our business is born of word-of-mouth referrals! With over 400 community associations and 75,000+ homeowners on our impressive list of satisfied clients, don’t you think it’s time you rewarded your community with the best property management company in Singer Island, FL? Of course it is! Call Campbell Property Management today!

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