by Dan Tiernan, COO, Campbell Property Management

What to look for in a south Florida property management companyThe average relationship between a community association and their South Florida property management company is six to seven years. If a community association were to write a personal ad to find their next management company, instead of an RFP, this is what it might look like:
S-L-D* Community association seeking long-term relationship with stable, reliable South Florida property management company
I am the President of a community association that is ending my relationship with my current management company.  We had been together for a while, but it is just not working anymore.  I having been feeling neglected and taken advantage of for quite a while.  We had a whirlwind courtship with lots of promises made that were never delivered.  I am ashamed to admit, I have been through this in the past.  This is not my first failed relationship.  I can’t put up with this lack of responsiveness any longer.
I am seeking a long-term relationship with a stable, reliable management company.  Based on my past experiences, following are the four key things I am looking for:
1. Solid Reputation – Who do I know that you already work with?  Any neighboring associations?  My Attorney, Banker or Insurance Agent?  I want to hear from the people that have worked with you for a long-time to find out what you are really like. 
2. Great People – Your service is only as good as the people on your team.  How do you hire and develop your staff?  How do you support them?
3. Customized Service – I am special.   I don’t want to hear, “this is just how we do it.”  I want to know that you can adapt to our needs and not try and force your process on our association.
4. Satisfaction Guaranteed – I don’t want to be contractually locked in. I believe that having the right to end the relationship at any time will actually make our relationship stronger.
If you have a history of long-term relationships and a high renewal rate, please reply.
* Single, Lonely, Disappointed Community Association
Click here for more information on how to choose a management company. Is your association looking for a management company currently or have you looked in the past? What were some traits you wanted in your management company? Let us know in the comments section below.