by William B. Campbell, III, VP of Sales and Marketing, Campbell Property Management

Secondhand Smoke in CondoSecondhand smoke coming into your condo from neighboring units poses both a health risk and a significant nuisance. If your neighbors smoke, it is very easy for secondhand smoke to make its way into your unit, which can be very frustrating and can result in a reduced quality of living.

If your condo neighbor smokes, there are some steps you can take to avoid secondhand smoke seeping into your living space:

• First, try to locate the entry point(s) of the secondhand smoke. Typically, cigarette smoke is transferred from one unit to another through air vents, pipes, gaps in insulation, electrical outlets, ceiling fixtures, windows and doors.
• Once you find the entry points of the secondhand smoke, seal the gaps. Large gaps can be filled with insulating foam, while small gaps can be filled with silicone caulk.
• Install door draft excluders under doors that open into hallways and common areas.
• Seal around windows with caulk or weather stripping. This will prevent smoke from entering your unit and will increase your energy efficiency.
• Install extractive window fans. These help to draw smoke outside and increase ventilation.

Do you have neighbors who smoke? Have you ever dealt with secondhand smoke entering your condo unit? If so, how did you handle the situation? Let us know in the comment section below.