FOBThis week’s word is Fob.

A fob, or key fob is a small electronic key that can be used to control entry into buildings, e.g. the entrance to a hi-rise or the clubhouse in a homeowner’s association (HOA).

Why are communities implementing these instead of issuing traditional or even Medeco keys?

Several reasons:

1. Control – an owner is delinquent and you want to deny access to the clubhouse.  You don’t need to confront him or confiscate the key, simply remove their access.
2. Crime Prevention – if someone loses a key, the fob can be deactivated and replaced, preventing someone from using the key for unlawful access.
3. Convenience – programming new fobs for new owners, seasonal renters, or even housekeepers is a breeze and it is very easy to track access times if necessary.
4. Cost Savings – there is an upfront cost to implement these systems, but this kind of access and control can allow a condominium building to get rid of that graveyard shift reception/concierge.  Eliminating this one position could save a community over $40,000 per year in labor costs.

Has your community had a good or bad experience implementing key fob systems?

by Dan Tiernan, COO, Campbell Property Management