FOBThis week’s word is Fob.

A fob, or key fob is a small electronic key that can be used to control entry into buildings, e.g. the entrance to a hi-rise or the clubhouse in a homeowner’s association (HOA).

Why are communities implementing these instead of issuing traditional or even Medeco keys?

Several reasons:

1. Control – an owner is delinquent and you want to deny access to the clubhouse.  You don’t need to confront him or confiscate the key, simply remove their access.
2. Crime Prevention – if someone loses a key, the fob can be deactivated and replaced, preventing someone from using the key for unlawful access.
3. Convenience – programming new fobs for new owners, seasonal renters, or even housekeepers is a breeze and it is very easy to track access times if necessary.
4. Cost Savings – there is an upfront cost to implement these systems, but this kind of access and control can allow a condominium building to get rid of that graveyard shift reception/concierge.  Eliminating this one position could save a community over $40,000 per year in labor costs.

Has your community had a good or bad experience implementing key fob systems?

by Dan Tiernan, COO, Campbell Property Management

  1. Patricia A. Kelly says:

    Delray Racquet Club installed the Fobs for Gym and pools. The control that it provides is excellent. Two Fobs per owner, one free, second one to be paid for. If they lost etc, we can de-active the fob with very little work.

    It is an excellent method. Saves money on keys, and management know who is coming and going at all times.

  2. Promenades East Condo Association says:

    We have had a fob entry system for 7 years and it, combined with a good surveillance (camera) system has been invaluable. Along with the increased security that it accomplishes, they are invaluable tools to use when there is an incident. I would recommend that any association that cares about security to install a FOB entry system and camera surveillance system.

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