Lake Worth Drainage DistrictMany residents in central and southeastern Palm Beach County live adjacent to canals. In order to enhance their landscapes or properties, residents often plant vegetation or place other encroachments, such as swing-sets, fences and patio furniture, on the canal rights-of-way.

Property enhancements and encroachments located on the rights-of-way can severely hinder water control districts, cities or counties maintenance crews to keep residents safe during severe storms.

Since the majority of the land in our region is low and flat, proper drainage depends on an extensive network of canals to remove excess stormwater after major rainfall events including tropical storms and hurricanes. Vegetation and other structures along the canal rights-of-way may cause blockages, slow the progression of drainage and reduce response time during emergency situations. Unauthorized property enhancements can threaten the welfare of residents many miles away. A well-maintained canal system is the best defense against possible flooding. For more information on ways to help protect your community from flooding, visit the Lake Worth Drainage District website at

by Rosemary Rayman, Public Information Manager, Lake Worth Drainage District