LogoV12If you’re looking for quick, simple ways to lower your electric bill, try our top ten energy-saving tips.

Savings with little to no cost or effort:

  1. Set your air conditioner to 78° F in the summer – and save 5 percent on monthly cooling costs for each degree you turn it up. 
    • Try 82° F or warmer when you’re away, and turn your thermostat fan to “auto.”
  2. Set your heat to 68°F in the winter – and save 5 percent on monthly heating costs for each degree you turn it down. 
    • Try 65°F or cooler when you’re sleeping or away, and turn your thermostat fan to “auto.”
  3. Turn off ceiling, bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans when you leave the room or after use.
    • Turn off your ceiling fan when you leave the room to save up to $85 annually per fan.
    • Set your fan to turn counter-clockwise in the summer – which blows air downward – and clockwise on lower speeds in the winter.
  4. Seal your home for savings – control airflow and leaks.
    • Close windows and exterior doors tightly when your A/C or heater is running.
    • Caulk around windows, weather strip around doors if you feel a draft, and add door sweeps to the bottom of exterior doors.
    • Keep all A/C vents open.
  5. Reduce your pool pump’s run time by two hours or more a day to save up to $100 annually. 
    • Limit your pool pump use to six hours or less per day in the summer and four hours or less per day in the winter.

Save more with minor upgrades:

  1. Consider purchasing and installing a smart thermostat.
    • Average savings could add up to 3 percent of your total energy costs.
  2. Save $80 per year when you replace old, high-flow showerheads with water-efficient showerheads.
    • This is the annual savings when two people per household shower using water-efficient showerheads.
  3. Choose ENERGY STAR® -qualified appliances, electronics and lighting to save. 
    • For example, ENERGY STAR-qualified clothes washers and refrigerators are about 20 percent more efficient than conventional models.
    • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can save you 75-80 percent on lighting costs – with the same amount of light.
    • Each CFL can save you $50 in energy costs over the life of the bulb.
  4. Control your indoor and outdoor lighting for savings. 
    • Add motion detectors on outdoor lighting.
    • Try dimmer switches inside to match the lighting level to your need.
  5. Consider installing a variable speed pool pump to save about $300 a year. 

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