Golf Carts – Central Viera Community Association – CVCA

Golf carts are increasingly being used for short-distance trips in communities as an alternative to the family car. They share common element roads with other motor vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and animals, creating the potential for liability for an Association. You may be facing questions about whether to allow golf carts on your roads and how to govern their use and create policies that may not have been in place previously.

Florida law allows golf carts to be operated on private roads, subject to the Association’s restrictions and other applicable governing documents. If you allow them in your community, you should have the following in place, and if you don’t currently allow them in your community but are discussing the possibility, ensure you have the proper Rules and Regulations regarding their use:

1. Have a registration form, just as you would for any other vehicles;

2. Require proof of insurance which names the Association as an additional insured;

3. Signed liability waivers for the Association.

In addition, be sure you follow the Florida Law regarding operation of golf carts and consult with your insurance agent so that you can be properly protected with appropriate insurance coverage.

by Diana Quigley, Education and Change Management Manager, Campbell Property Management