Tech Tuesdays

Tech Tuesdays is a series of blog posts geared toward informing board members and property managers about new technology, which can help your association to run more efficiently.

As consumer technologies improve and become more affordable, so do technologies that are geared towards community associations. Many of these facilitate communication, while others streamline processes that may have been bottlenecks in the past. Whatever the outcome may be, below are some technologies that may help your association be more efficient. Keep visiting the Tech Tuesdays page frequently, as new technologies are constantly being added!

FAN Search

The “Google” for Florida community associations.

Tech Tuesdays The Cloud

Cloud Based File Storage

Efficiently share documents among board members and property managers.

Tech Tuesdays Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meeting Platforms

Associations are effectively using virtual meetings to accomplish their goals.

Electronic Voting

E-voting can increase owner participation, limit physical ballot, and save on mailing costs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

A need for a new amenity at condominiums: EV charging stations.

Fiber to the Home Tech Tuesdays

Fiber To The Home

Fast growing method of providing vastly higher bandwidth to consumers and businesses.

Password Saving Programs

Password Saving Programs

Allow you to remember just one username and password instead of a dozen, or more.

PA System

Microphone speaker that requires NO setup, NO Power, portable, and affordable.


Simple products that connect easily to your cell phone.

Pre-Canned Text messages

Pre-Canned Text Messages

Quickly send a message (without typing).


If you own residential rental units and want to simplify the management process.


Easily text out information you find in a search to someone else.