by Dan Tiernan, COO, Campbell Property Management


How important is the quality of the people who manage your community? Manager and staff turnover is highly disruptive to the operation of a community. To help ensure the smooth operation of your community, hire a management company with qualified staff and a low employee turnover rate.

A good management company will hire quality people and provide them with great support. The company is only as good as the people they hire, develop, and retain. Evaluate how they recruit and hire new staff by analyzing these 4 key community staffing processes:

  1. Sourcing – How do they find the right candidates?
  2. Evaluation – How do they measure the critical skills of the candidates?
  3. Onboarding – How do they welcome new hires into their company culture?
  4. Development – How do they help them learn and grow?

A company’s employee turnover rate is greatly affected by the fourth key community staffing process, development. Does the staff have access to a wide range of experts, systems, events and information that they can rely on when they need help? Make sure the management company has the necessary tools and support systems in place for their staff.

When choosing people to staff and manage your community, it is necessary to evaluate these four key processes. To read more about these processes and how they can help you, click here.

What processes do you implement? Do you have any suggestions?