by Evan Bradley, CFO, Campbell Property Management

TV RemoteOne way many community associations are reducing maintenance costs and increasing satisfaction with their cable TV and internet services is by revisiting their bulk cable agreement. If the residents of your Condo or HOA are not happy or believe they are paying too much for the current services rendered, it may be time to contact your provider or start looking for a new one. For many years, there was only one cable television and internet provider for South Florida. Many associations used that provider year after year simply because they were not aware that there were other competitors out there, or they did not trust the small, private cable TV companies. Over five years ago, Charlie Crist signed the “Consumer Choice Act 2007” into law, allowing cable television providers to apply for a state-issued franchise certificate. This law has bred healthy competition among the cable TV and internet providers and in turn has dropped prices and increased incentives.

The three most prominently known and recognized providers include Comcast, AT&T, and Hotwire Communications. It is important for associations to check their bulk cable television agreement and review it at least two years before its expiration date. It takes six to nine months to bring in a new provider, if your community agrees on it. Feel free to read more on bulk cable television and internet providers and some of the association laws that pertain to them by clicking here.

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