by Marcel Rosen, President, Fiddler Roof Cleaning

Roof CleaningDid you ever wonder what the black stains on a dirty South Florida roof are? These black stains are called Gloeocapsa Magma – a type of algae.

Most roof and pressure cleaning services use high-pressure power-washing devices to remove these stains. This method is stressful on your roof. These devices can create leaks and shorten the life of your roof. Each time your roof is cleaned with high-pressure devices, a thin layer of material is blown off, leaving the surface more porous which attracts dirt. Even worse, these pressure cleaning services don’t kill mildew spores that hide within porous surfaces – which means you’ll need another cleaning in 6 months or so.

High-pressure also puts unnecessary stress on your roof underlay (thin sheets of roofing paper) which causes rips, tears and eventually leaks in your roof. This is why it is essential that any contractor who cleans your roof tiles uses low-pressure.

Heavy hoses and hover covers (that flat, round contraption with brushes on the bottom) should not be used in the process of cleaning roofs. Dragging a heavy hose across your tiles can damage them.

A hover cover also uses unnecessary agitation. And, these hover covers also make it impossible for even a skilled technician to walk on your roof correctly while using this device.

Quite frequently, it is the technician himself that causes the most damage to your roof. To traverse a roof correctly the technician must only step where there is reinforcement (where the tiles overlap). Stepping anywhere else can crack your tiles and create pressure on your roof underlay.

Learn more about proper South Florida roof cleaning by clicking here.

Have you recently had your roof cleaned? What process did you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

  1. John Morris says:

    We are replacing a hurricane damaged concrete barrel tile roof. Based on your experience are flat tiles more susceptible to damage than barrel tiles when walking on them to clean?

  2. Jacob Arenas says:

    You should always hire a specialized cleaning contractor for this! I tried doing it on my own and did great until I realized that from stepping the wrong way I had damaged my roof tiles. Fortunately, I contacted Perfect Pitch Roofing at and they fixed it for me. But after that I learned my lesson: only an experienced professional in roof cleaning should clean your roof!

  3. Mitchell says:

    I recently cleaned my roof using a Landa ZE and it worked wonderfully. It can be used both as high pressure and low pressure and it has a mechanism to hold the trigger down, so you can just spray without actually holding the trigger. It’s also quite light! I had awesome results, I totally recommend it. You can buy it here:

  4. Jula says:

    When and how often roof should be clean.
    Every year before Winter we got mail from board requesting roof cleaning and driver. I do not agree that Winter is good time to do cleaning before. I’m old school we do cleaning at spring time it last longer. Should we pay $100 penalty and wait till spring?

    • Michael abbate says:

      Hey Jula, Michael here from Chad’s Pressure & Window Washing. There really is NO right answer it’s totally up to you! Most of our clients with moderate sized house get a maintenance clean every 6 months because they can?!? But most its once a year. some there just call up and schedule. Hope this has been useful. If you need a pressure clean just give Chad a call It’s all about your convenience 😁

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  5. Michel Fautle says:

    I bought a pressure washer to clean my roof top. I am a new user. I read user manual, but I didn’t get all the information over there. I need a good user guide to clean my roof top and my house. I read your post and got a little idea, but I want to know more about it. If you write briefly in your another post that will be helpful for all of us who are a new user.

  6. Sidney Deal says:

    The pressure washer is one of the best cleaning machines which easy to clean large surface. I am happy to take pressure washer service in our house. It’s is really amazing machine.

  7. Joy says:

    Just had my roof cleaned using the “no pressure” method. It looks fantastic but the chlorine based chemicals used killed my grass, especially all around my downspouts. No one seems to mention this negative result of chemical cleaning methods.

  8. Leonard Martin says:

    We have be using a company called Foam Bright they use a chemical application that works really great. The owner Jerry has taken very good care of our community ,the Oasis at Palm Aire. This has process has reduced the need for repairs caused by pressure washing as you described . This also keeps up the appearance of the neighborhood.

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