by John Tight, CEO, Campbell Property Management

Condo roof repairDebating whether or not to restore, repair or replace the roof of the condo is a race against the clock for many high-rise condo associations – you want to make sure you are making the right decision without wasting money and time. Over time, roofs age due to exposure to the elements, storms and careless cleanings. Eventually, all roofs will wear out and need to be replaced. So, how do you know that you really need a new roof now, as opposed to just a repair?


Here are some pointers when evaluating your roof problem:

  • The first thing you need to know is what type of roof system that you have. Is it a single ply or Asphalt roof, etc.? Different roofs require different maintenance programs. Be aware of your roof warranty.   Is your roof warranty currently covered by the contractor, the manufacturer or both?
  • Have you kept up with the requirements to maintain the warranty? Usually, this means annual inspections and maintenance on the roof. If you have questions regarding your roof, make sure to have it evaluated by an unbiased third party, such as a construction advisor or have two separate roofing contractors who specialize in your specific roof system diagnose the problem.

Here is a good story on determining if you need a new roof or not and to highlight why consulting a construction advisor could save your high-rise condo association thousands of dollars:

A high-rise condo in Fort Lauderdale had been experiencing intermittent roof leaks for over three years. Every time one was fixed, another emerged. The condo association did not know what to do and assumed they would need a new roof. They reached out to a general contractor who recommended a new roof, which would cost them $80,000. A new property management company was later hired and a construction advisor was consulted to advise the board on their roof replacement. However, after a brief inspection of the roof and some basic leak testing, the construction advisor isolated the issues and supervised a contractor who was able to repair the roof for under $3,000. This saved the condo board from a new roof costing $80,000.

Figuring out if you should restore, repair or replace the roof on your condo can be a stressful process. However, asking a construction advisor or an unbiased party to review the issue can help save your association tons of money.

Has your condo association ever replaced, repaired, or restored a roof? What did you take into consideration before deciding on what to do with it? Let us know in the comment section below.

  1. Susan says:

    It depends on the condition of the roof because if it can be repaired than there is no point of replacing it, or if your roof condition is bad and it needs to be replaced than contact your realtor if you are tenant but otherwise you have to bear expense yourself. I also faced a similar situation so i contacted my realtor and they provided me big help and as tenant i didn’t had to pay for the replacement of the roof.

  2. abnerjones says:

    With best roofing materials and support, your panels should hold up and over time will more than justify the cost of the installation. So while using metal or asphalt roofs consider having the best quality material for your roof or ask roof repair experts to to use the best material on your roof.

  3. Alexleon says:

    Roof jobs are among the most expensive home renovation project. Material cost and job difficulties makes the project more expensive for the homeowner, so always hire those roof repair experts who work professionally and charge reasonable for their work.

  4. Eli Goldman says:

    Any good homeowner knows that it is crucial to take care of the roof. This component protects the rest of the house in major ways. Be sure not to ignore your roof. Provide it with the proper maintenance it needs over the years. Doing it yourself is one option, but seeking professional Roofing Contractor is the best bet for people with roof issues. The experts can give you tips as well as provide valuable maintenance.

  5. Carl Brown says:

    Roofing and waterproofing can be confusing and challenging for HOA boards and their managers. But help is available! Locate an independent “building envelope: consultant via the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI) and find an RRC or RWC or RRO that does not represent any suppliers or contractors. These folks are well trained to locate water intrusions using modern equipment such as electronic, thermographic or other. They will advise you on options for maintenance of roofs, decks and other “leakers”. membership list is located on The worst thing an association can do is “take bids” resulting in confusion and poor decision making. Carl Brown, RCI, RRO – AWS/NRMS.

  6. Anita Mas says:

    Recently there have been a bunch of wind storms in the area and shingles and stuff keep blowing off our roof. I wasn’t sure how much is too much to fix or when I should just replace it. It’s a good idea to hire someone that wouldn’t be lobbying for the most expensive fix.

  7. Rosell Lobo says:

    Doing maintenance checks and repairs on your roofing is not something that you can do yourself. This is a difficult task and the repairs need to be done efficiently and accurately. You need to be able to repair all the damaged areas of the roof to prevent it from deteriorating further. Hire Roof restoration services for better results.

  8. Larry Lake says:

    That is good advice. My company specializes in high quality metal products for pitched roofs. In the last 16 years, our experience has been that some roofs did not need replacing. In those cases we will either offer to repair it if it is in our specialty type of roofs, or reccommend a qualified contractor. Since we work all over the state, we know many good people to refer to if we can’t handle the job. But a metal roof will last much longer than tile or asphalt shingles. We have a metal tile that has a 50 year non pro rated labor and material warranty that our customers like. Larry Lake at

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