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Dan Tiernan, COOAug 20, 20141 min read

"40 Year Inspection" - Your Condo Check-Up

When a condo in Broward County reaches its 40 year birthday, it needs a 40 year inspection, which amounts to an "extensive physical exam." The goal is to ensure that the building is safe. Accordingly, the two areas that must be examined are structural and electrical.

40 Year Condo InspectionBroward County created this program in 2005 to reduce the risk that the building you are living in might fall apart or burn down. On your condo's 40th birthday, the condo association should receive a notice informing you that you need to complete the inspection within 90 days. If the inspection requires improvements, the association has 180 days to get the work done, after which the inspector will need to submit another report confirming the improvements were made and that the building has been "re-certified." If you need more than 180 days to get the work done, extensions are possible, but need to be approved by building officials.

Once you have completed the process and become "re-certified," you get to do it again every ten years thereafter.

If your condo is reaching age 40, you might want to start planning for this inspection and considering how this event may impact your budget.

Here is a link to a great article with a lot more detail, from someone with a lot more expertise.