Hiring a LocksmithMost people will require the services of a locksmith at some point in their lives. You might lose your keys, lock yourself out of your home or car, need your locks changed or need a key for an existing lock that you lost the keys to. As with any service profession, scammers unfortunately do exist in the trade. Untrained scam locksmith technicians can damage your locks and home, charge outrageous fees and possibly even sell your personal information to burglars or other criminals after the job is completed.

In Florida, there is NO mandatory state regulated licensing requirements to operate as a locksmith. This makes Florida a hot bed for scammers and fly-by night companies. Some counties, such as Miami-Dade have imposed a temporary county license to appease a massive amount of public complaints. However, required statewide licenses for locksmiths are still being lobbied for in the Florida House and Senate.

It is best to look for a locksmith who can prove their education to you by showing certificates of completion in the field or memberships in good standing to major associations such as ALOA, SAVTA or SOPL.

Inquire Before You Hire 
• Check local service review sites such as Angie’s List, Thumbtack, Home Advisor or the Better Business Bureau for A+ ranked companies who have positive member reviews.
• When you call for locksmith services, be sure the company dispatcher gives you an estimate of the charges via email, so you have proof of the initial quote before the tech arrives.
• Ask them if they have a physical business location and a website you can review.
• Ask them to send you a copy of their insurance and W-9 to prove they are a real company and a legal entity operating inside the state of Florida.
• Ask them to send the arriving tech’s ID via email with a company letter head prior to their arrival.

Always Be on Guard
• Ask to see the license of the arriving locksmith tech you hired when they arrive. Locksmiths are required by law in all 50 states to carry a pocket version of their license or some sort of industry ID to show upon request.
• If the locksmith threatens you or insists on a steep service charge for showing up, call the police immediately and report the company. It is also good to write down the license plate of the tech’s vehicle and take pictures for evidence.
• Make sure the locksmith gives you a final invoice receipt that includes a company name, local address and phone number. Also, verify that the receipt notes the cost of all parts, services rendered and the full amount you were charged.

By Daniel Flores Krakower, Alpha Lock and Key

  1. Carly Mckeen says:

    Thank you for your very helpful article on hiring a locksmith! I am always looking myself out, and want a locksmith I can call the next time it happens. I will definitely utilize all of your great tips and information when hiring a locksmith.

  2. Randy Chorvack says:

    I like how you said to get an initial quote via email before they show up at your house. That way you can make sure you’re not being taken advantage of. When I first moved into my house, I lost the key to my new house and the realtor was out of town. When I hired a locksmith I did exactly that and got a quote before he even got to my house.

  3. Shayla Cademis says:

    I never knew that locksmiths are required by law in all fifty states to carry a pocket-sized version of their license or some kind of ID to show upon their arrival. My husband and I recently moved to a new home, and we want to replace the locks as an added safety precaution. We want to be sure to hire a reliable company, so we’ll definitely take your suggestion to ask for identification of some sort. Hopefully we can find a great locksmith in our area!

  4. Bursky says:

    I do like that the article has some questions that you should ask the locksmith before hiring them. The one about a physical business location is especially important. After all, if they have a brick-and-mortar store then you can more likely trust them.

  5. Jerry says:

    Its important to have a locksmith that you can call when you get stuck. I’ve been in tough situations where I was either locked out of my home or car and couldn’t get in with out the help of a locksmith.

  6. Kevin says:

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  7. Nicholas Timms says:

    Really it is a great article and more helpful to get the best assistance for locksmith services. I am very glad to go through this kind of helpful blog. Thanks for sharing a nice blog.

  8. Brooklyn Johnson says:

    I liked your point about how you should search for top-notch companies via local review sites to see which among them indeed offers excellent service, not just by the rating but also in the clients’ feedback about them. I want to make sure I’m prepared if I ever get locked out for my house, but I’m not sure what to look for in a locksmith. I will definitely keep your great information in mind if I’m ever in need of a locksmith!

  9. Steele Honda says:

    Thanks for pointing out that it is best to look for a locksmith who can prove their education to you by showing certificates. I think that if I was looking for a locksmith this would give me more peace of mind because a locksmith is such an important job to get right. I also think that it would be useful to know one that is available 24 hours so that if you get locked out at night you still have an option to get back in before morning.

  10. Daniel Mark says:

    Before hiring any locksmith firm, first check their feedback on their site. From there it will be known to you that whether the locksmith expert is good in their work or not.

  11. Eli owen says:

    I am glad to have such tips and suggest all to use those tips while hiring any locksmith in their area. Locksmith Smyrna is a firm near which has been called by me and my friends in all lock crisis, they are the best locksmith in our area.

  12. Penelope Smith says:

    This is some really good information about hiring a locksmith. It is good to know that it would be smart to ask to see their license. That does seem like a good thing to be aware of when you need to have a lock fixed.

  13. Tatiana Wilson says:

    It really got me when you suggested asking the locksmith if they have a real address or a website that I can check in order to validate their business. That is a good tip since I am aware that most business nowadays how their very own websites. It’s like an ID that serves to prove whether the business does exist or not. This is important to me because I need someone truly reliable to work on my locks. They are, in fact, my home’s locks after all.

  14. Ville A says:

    I agree it is important to check the education of the locksmiths before hiring them. However, I have never had the need for these services yet. Hopefully it will stay that way.

  15. Duncan Lance says:

    I do like that the article has some questions that you should ask the locksmith before hiring them. The one about a physical business location is especially important. After all, if they have a brick-and-mortar store then you can more likely trust them.

  16. Penelope Smith says:

    This is some really good information about hiring a locksmith. It is good to know that it would be smart to ask if they have a physical location. That wouldn’t have been something I would have thought about checking before hiring a locksmith.

  17. James Noah says:

    Many professional locksmiths provide round-the-clock service. This means that one can call them to solve any lock problem at any time. A qualified professional locksmith will also have the ability to advise whether a lock needs to be repaired or replaced.

  18. Candice Eisenhower says:

    I agree when you said to search for reputable locksmiths based on online review sites that consistently show their excellent service and performance. In that way, you can be assured of a good quality service at a fair price to pay. Speaking of, the doorknob in my bathroom is broken that it always locks out every time I close it. I don’t want to end up bringing the keys each time that I go to the bathroom because that shouldn’t be the case and it can be a waste of time. Looking for a reputable locksmith in my area will surely do the trick so I’ll make sure to follow as you said to search for good reviews before getting a hold of one that will assist me with my problem.

  19. Bethany Birchridge says:

    My cousin got locked out of her apartment, so she’s been looking for a locksmith to help her. It was quite helpful when this article mentioned to have the company email the tech’s ID in a company letter so you can make sure you have the right tech. I’ll share these tips with my cousin, so she can get the help she needs with unlocking her door.

  20. Dino Violante says:

    I loved it when you suggested checking websites, like Angie’s list, for reviews about the locksmith that we are considering before hiring them to make sure that they are the best choice. I am planning to hire a locksmith soon since my bedroom door needs rekeying. Seeing this is amazing for me since looking at the feedbacks of previous clients is my only basis of who to hire.

  21. micheal says:

    I admire your thoughts , it’s really very beneficial for hiring the locksmith.Locksmith Coconut Creek near us provide the best lock services in our area if anyone needs service in that particular area they must call them for sure.

  22. Chloe Sanchez says:

    Getting locked out of your house is one of the worst things that could happen after a great night out and all you want to do is get to your bed and get some shut-eye. So it’s good to know that there are professionals you can call anytime to get the situation fixed for you and have the job done quickly. A word of caution though; you should look for a locksmith that has been properly certified and licensed to operate so you will know that you are getting a legitimate service.

  23. Carlos says:

    Always ask locksmith for license before allowing him to enter or access your home or car door locks. Identification is necessary before allowing them to work.

  24. Ellie Davis says:

    Thank you for suggesting that you should ask if they have a physical business and website. My sister just moved and is thinking about hiring a locksmith to come and change all of her locks. I’ll have to give her some tips and hopefully, she can find someone she trusts that will get her the best locks.

  25. Chrislyon says:

    I don’t have any locksmith in my list because whenever i need them i find them on locksmith directories. Last time i have called them when i locked keys in car, they came frequently and unlocked the car and get me in. On directories, you will get the affordable and the reliable one for you.

  26. Elsa Anderson says:

    Thank you for sharing some tips for hiring a locksmith, as you’ll never know when you will be needing one to replace your lost keys. You made a good point about searching for top-notch companies via local review sites to see which among them indeed offers a stellar service, not just by the rating but also in the clients’ feedback about them. I will be doing the same thing in the event that I need a locksmith to provide me with duplicate keys because I tend to lose mine whenever I’m in a hurry.

  27. John Ferrell says:

    I like the concept of doing some due diligence and inquiring about the locksmith before using their services. I usually check for reviews online to see what others say about their locksmith winston-salem nc services. I have never thought about asking the locksmith to show their license.

  28. Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife and I are looking for a locksmith to rekey the doors in our home, so thanks for the tips. I like your point about asking for a copy of their insurance first. I don’t want to be liable for any injuries or accidents, so I’ll be sure to do this.

  29. Kyle Wayne says:

    I like that you talked about making sure you get a final invoice receipt that includes all necessary information. My brother is looking to hire a locksmith service to get some bolts replaced. I’ll be sure to talk to him about hiring a professional service that will provide the right paperwork.

  30. Ashley Maxwell says:

    I appreciate how you said that a locksmith should be reputable and mentioned online. I also like how you said that they should provide estimates ahead of time. My father is looking into local locksmith services that provide estimates in case he ever needs help getting into his house.

  31. Deb Pearl says:

    Thank you for all the tips on how to hire a locksmith. My husband and I would love to hire a locksmith to replace all the locks in our home. I think it would be a good idea to ask to see their license. I would want to make sure they are qualified to work on our home.

  32. Ashley Maxwell says:

    I appreciate how you said that a locksmith should be reputable. Thanks for mentioning that they should have good reviews as proof of this. My husband and I want to hire a great locksmith for whenever we lock ourselves out of hour home.

  33. Silas Knight says:

    Thanks for the great tips for finding a locksmith. I like how you said that checking online sources is a good way to find a good one. We want to find someone to help us put new locks up, so this is great.

  34. Betty Zhou says:

    Ask each of the potential candidates for references. It’s best to get both professional and personal references. A well mannered and honest locksmith service provider always provides you all the information that you required from them. Also, don’t be afraid to interview the locksmith, asking about the experience that the company offers. It’s possible to get good prices from someone who is new in the field, but doing so can compromise the integrity of your home’s security.

  35. Callum Palmer says:

    These are some good points and I particularly like that the article recommends choosing a locksmith company with a physical business location. This allows you to visit them in person and double check that they are a legitimate locksmith company before you hire them. It also means that you have a place to take any questions or concerns you have with the locksmithing job that they performed for you.

  36. Ashley Turns says:

    I appreciate your suggestion to ask for a copy of the locksmith’s insurance and W-9 forms so that you can be sure they are a real business. My husband and I need a locksmith to help us make copies of keys to our home. We will definitely start by asking each business we talk to for copies of their documents so that we can be sure they are a legitimate company.

  37. Aaron Curtis says:

    When you initially call a locksmith, make sure you question them about the type of services they perform. You do not want to have them come out to your location, only to find out that they do not service cars or they do not have what they need to take care of your situation. Chances are, you are going to be in a hurry to get the situation resolved, and you do not want to waste time.

  38. Ashley Maxwell says:

    Thanks for your comment about how you should hire a locksmith who has positive reviews from previous customers. I like how you said that you should make sure that they have insurance as well. My husband an I are considering residential locksmiths and we are considering a company that is reputable and qualified.

  39. Tracy Morgan says:

    I was looking for this information and finally, I found here. I’d like to say thanks for sharing this useful knowledge regarding how to hire a locksmith. Actually, I wanted to repair my door locks but since hearing bad reviews about locksmiths and their scams, I was literally scared. Thanks for sharing tips.

  40. Taylor Bishop says:

    I just wanted to thank you for this article on hiring a locksmith. I’m glad that you mentioned to have proof of the initial quote before the tech arrives. Knowing this, it sounds like it’s definitely beneficial to make sure that you inform the company about your lock situation so that they can give an accurate estimate.

  41. Bill Ford says:

    No doubt internet is valuable source of getting the locksmith but before allowing them to enter in your home. First ask the about their previous work and call the referrals. From there you will be able to know whether those locksmith are experts in their work or not.

  42. Allen cooper says:

    Locksmith not only save us burglars but also during situations like broken locks or key loses , they repair those locks and make duplicate keys instantly.Thanks for sharing those valuable tips for hiring a locksmith.

  43. James Brown says:

    Locks are necessary for security in everyday life. They also keep out authorized people from gaining access to your property. When a locksmith is replacing a lock for you, make sure that they are using a new one that is in a sealed package. It is the only way to be sure that they haven’t made a duplicate.

  44. Israel S. Lutz says:

    Nowadays, it is a smart step to search the business on the internet and check its reviews or ask friends or relatives about the company to avoid being scammed. This is a well-written article – very informative and valuable.

  45. Christopher Umphress says:

    It was a very nice idea! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have shared. It is very important to know the details of the Locksmith you hire to repair your locks because nowaday there are several $10 locksmith scams is going on.Thanks again.

  46. Dennis Thompson says:

    When locksmith first arrived at your home,ask him for their license or certificate. A certified locksmith always give you correct information about their services. Locksmith Doral suggest you to ensure that they are qualified, licensed which can help you make sure your home is safe .

  47. Marcus Coons says:

    It really helped when you talked about how checking with the BBB can help you find the best locksmith in your area. We just moved to a new house and want to make sure we change the locks so we are the only ones with keys to the house, so we want to find a reputable locksmith to help with this. As I see it, taking the time to compare several companies and to read online reviews can help you make sure your home is safe and that the locksmith you choose will get the job done right.

  48. Jade Brunet says:

    My friend is looking to know more about hiring a locksmith because she wants to replace the locks in her new home. It is good to be aware that one should ask for an estimate of the charges via email so you have proof of the initial quote when the tech arrives. I also like what was mentioned about asking them to send a copy of insurance. This was helpful information, I will be sure to pass it along to my friend.

  49. Allan Hill says:

    I really appreciated your efforts you have put in this blog post regarding tips for hiring a locksmith. I suggest you to ensure that they are qualified, licensed and also check their business address. Thank you for sharing this informative post, Keep up your work!

  50. John Ferrell says:

    You said that we should ask to see a license. If I was going to hire a locksmith I would want to know that they were professional. Maybe I should do some research before I choose which one to hire.

  51. Ivy Baker says:

    This is some really good information about how to hire a locksmith. I like that you pointed out that you should ask if they have a physical location and website. Those do seem like thing that a legal business would have.

  52. Martin Sztein says:

    Very Informative!! It’s a must to read the blog for the one who is going to deal with locksmiths for the very first time being a locksmith I suggest that you should ensure their physical address and check their license. If you belong from Tampa and surrounding areas visit at http://www.anycarkeymade.com/ or call at (813) 502-1624 whenever you need a reliable and licensed locksmith.

  53. Bernard Clyde says:

    I agree that it’s wise to check online for reviews and qualifications of a locksmith before settling on one to ensure your security isn’t compromised. Of course, in the case of an emergency this may not be possible to do on the spot. I think you should have a few good options in mind ahead of time that you have researched properly if you do end up needing locksmith services.

  54. Jacksonlee says:

    It’s important to have a locksmith that you can call when you get stuck. I’ve been in tough situations where I was either locked out of my home or car and couldn’t get in with out the help of a locksmith. This article has some great points that I hope can help people see why we need Locksmiths in our society.

  55. Baxter Abel says:

    I appreciate your tip to ensure that a locksmith company has a physical business location before you hire them. I also like what you said about ensuring the the locksmith has a license to do their services. I liked the article, I’ll be keeping it in mind the next time I need locksmith services.

  56. FrankRodriguez says:

    Get a list of local locksmiths from an online search or a local directory. Find out what services are offered by each provider and narrow your choices down to a few providers that are close to your location. Call or visit their websites to find out which providers offer the particular locksmith services you need. At Emily Locksmith Service in Coral Gables, we cover everything. We can handle all of your residential, commercial, construction and mobile locksmith needs. We also have a 24-hour emergency service for those unexpected times when you need help.

  57. Derek Mcdoogle says:

    You stated that in Florida, there is no mandatory state regulated licensing requirements to operate as a locksmith. Do most other states have licensing and regulation requirements that they have to follow? My cousin called me late last night to tell me that he lost his keys to his house and can’t get in. Hiring a licensed locksmith might be a really good idea.

  58. Shad Morris says:

    We have been in a few situations with our locks, and were considering having them changed. It makes sense that you should check local service reviews when hiring. That way you can check if they are safe, and reliable.

  59. peter abram says:

    The Internet is a valuable resource when you are in the market for a good and reliable Locksmith. You will find that people love going online and sharing their experiences. People enjoy warning or praising others depending on the services rendered. Both types of reviews can be a tremendous help when determining who to hire.

  60. peter martin says:

    Very well written article with full of information. Make sure you check out a locksmith’s professional recommendations and references before letting him inside your house. Call the references before hiring them. Not only will you want to get great quality services in a Locksmith, you have to be able to trust the person all the way.

  61. Linda Prin says:

    I love the Idea of being able to protect ourselves from unjust charges/accusation just by asking some simple questions. Your questions are very specific and although I feel locksmiths do us a great service I cannot say that I haven’t questioned where they learned such a profession. I like that I can trust someone by just asking a few simple questions. Thank you for the information.

  62. daniel smith says:

    The best sources of information regarding local Locksmiths are friends and family. If you reside or work in a small village or town, expect to find names of between 2 and 4 trustworthy locksmiths. On the other hand, anybody who works or resides in a much bigger city should expect to choose from a list that contains names of more than 25 reliable technicians. Friends and family can help you narrow the names down further.

  63. Andy Harrison says:

    I would always check some review sites before I would go about hiring someone. This way, I can be sure that they will provide me with a good service that I can rely on. Also, it’s a good way to see the type of services a company offers.

  64. Kairi Gainsborough says:

    I think it is important to hire a locksmith that you trust. Looking up review of the the companies in your area is a good way to determine the best person for the job. Following up by asking to see their identification when they arrive is really good advice. I will remember to do this the next time I get locked out!

  65. Jim Conor says:

    These are some really helpful tips, I didn’t know that it is required by law for all locksmiths to carry some form of their license. Having them show that license is really important when you hire them because you can never be too careful when having someone look at the locks around your home. If you’re having trouble finding one it definitely helps to talk to neighbors about locksmiths that they use and trust.

  66. Dani kogan says:

    The best way to hire a good locksmith is to check what services your neighbors, friends or relatives have been availing. Then you can check classified ads for local service providers for home security solutions.

  67. Marvin FINDLING says:

    A vetted locksmith (SIXBERRY/DANNY’S) Jupiter FL has been on our list of suggested vendors for more than 20 years.

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