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Shane Humble, President, Complete Property Maintenance, Inc. Sep 9, 2015 1 min read

How To Properly Care for the Irrigation System in Your HOA


Proper care of the irrigation system in your HOA is very important. A community’s irrigation system dictates the appearance of its landscape. It also impacts an association’s expenses as a poorly maintained irrigation system can cause costs to significantly increase. That being said, it is essential that a community regularly check its irrigation system to help keep the utility bills and the amount of excess water being used down. An association can easily lower its irrigation expenses by following a few maintenance tips. Here are a few tips to help your association maintain its irrigation system:

  • Tips for HOA Irrigation SystemCheck irrigation system heads: One of the easiest ways to keep expenses down and care for your irrigation system is to check for leaks and fix them. The irrigation system should be checked once a month. Be sure to check for anything that hinders the heads like large plants, and keep an eye out for broken piping. When switching out sprinkler heads look into higher efficiency nozzles and pressure regulating devices to help save water, lower bills and better apply the water to plants.
  • Adjust irrigation system heads: Every six months or so the irrigation heads should be adjusted. This will ensure that they have the correct spray pattern.
  • Check your irrigation system's pressure: If any of the spray heads fog or mist this would be a great indication that the irrigation system’s pressure is too high and is therefore wasting water. This should be set every two weeks. Look into pressure regulating your sprinklers. The lower the pressure on the sprinkler heads, the more water you save. A change like this can save gallons of water a day for a community. The best fix for this would be to pressure regulate each sprinkle head.
  • If the system has a filter, it must be checked and cleaned quarterly. 
  • Check your irrigation system's rain sensor every 3 to 4 months.