spring-gardening-tipsDuring this time of the year gardens will begin to come back to life as vivid and vibrantly colored flowers and plants bloom again. Check out some tips to refresh your landscape:

  • Attract fluttery friends – Brighten up you garden by attracting butterflies and birds. Installing birdbaths and certain plants allow for these friends of nature to relish in your landscape while simultaneously creating a view for everyone to admire. Some plants that attract the most butterflies are Beach Sunflower, Scorpian-tail, Blue Porterweed and Snow Squarestem.
  • Location is key – Choosing the correct position for your plants is vital. Allowing plants the right amount of sunlight, irrigation and soil will assure that they flourish.
  • Keep the future in mind – Think about the plants’ size and growth rate. Plan your garden beforehand so that those plants who grow faster and larger do not overpower the landscape.
  • Add variety – Plants with different textures and colors will make a great addition to a dynamic garden. Flowers with rich tones add color as well as depth to your landscape. Plants of different textures can make a good border or hedge.

Spring is still weeks away, use these tips to get started on planning your garden for a landscape that catches the eye.

by Keith Carracher, President, Complete Property Maintenance, Inc.