led lightsLED street and area lighting are practical and inexpensive ways to bring all the advantages of LED lighting to your community.

Traditional street lights and parking lot lights can present many financial and operational challenges for HOAs and condos. Not only do they need to complement the neighborhood, but they require 24/7 maintenance services to ensure a continuous sense of safety and security.

Florida Power & Light (FPL) recently announced a new program to help cities, towns and community associations transition to LED street lights, regardless of whether the lights are owned by FPL or the local government or association.  The fees related to the transition can be incorporated into your light bill via a “tariff” that effectively finances the conversion process.

LED lighting can be used in roadways, streets, and as area lighting.

Benefits of LED:

  • Energy Efficient and Cost Effective – Reduced carbon footprint and lower energy bills. Energy savings average between 25% – 50%.
  • Longer Service Life – LED lights can last up to 10 times longer than traditional lights.
  • Better Light Distribution – Less light wasted equals less light needed.
  • High Quality Color Rendition – Color, lines and objects are easier to distinguish; improves visibility and safety. Improved visibility for pedestrians and traffic.
  • More Dependable Fixtures – Fewer outages and lower maintenance costs.
  • Greater Variety – More choices to address diverse needs. Control over light color and intensity.

This can improve your communities by providing better quality light, improved safety, new fixtures and bringing light to areas that are currently poorly illuminated. This alternative will also be cost efficient and save your community money in the long-run.

With the help of FPL, making this change may be easier than before.

For more information regarding how FPL can help with your new or existing LED Lighting, please call 1-844-4FPL-LED (1-844-437-5533) or email LEDLightingSolutions@fpl.com.

You can also contact Christian Pruitt at 561-386-5761 or Christian.Pruitt@FPL.com.

by Dan Tiernan, COO, Campbell Property Management

  1. M. D. says:

    LED streetlights were installed in our neighborhood and I love them. The lighting isn’t as overpowering as the ugly orange sodium vapor streetlights, which make the neighborhood look like a construction zone. The white light is neutral and much more pleasing. I also sleep better with these because they’re not as bright. Purer white color is much better

  2. John M.Davis says:

    I just noticed that our street light fixtures were changed to L.E.D technology light fixtures. I am absolutely .stunned by the difference in the coverage of lighting it provides! To me it is LESS than 50% of that of the original SODIUM VAPOR LIGHTS
    we had before. They are been installed North between S.W. 160 Street and 97 Avenue, and South to S.W. 165 Street and
    West to S.W. 112 Avenue I did not receive any notice from DADE COUNTY OR .FP&L doing this change. I open and read all my mail from MDC &FP&L consistently,. even if I know its it”s junk. I’m not sure who started this program, but it needs to be halted fast,or all of our street security will be severely compromised! Thank You, J.M.D.

  3. Marta Pontillo says:

    I live in a condominium that the new lights are so bright that it’s bothersome to the eyes. They are two stories only and have been placed on the second floor. I feel that it’s nerve wrecking feeling like in a stadium instead of a condominium. They are very close in distance and so bright you can’t look up at the apartments on the second floor. The condominium is called Southwinds on Flagler Street and 92 Ave., in Miami. All of the people living there are upset that it no longer feels comfortable to take strolls in such bright lights. It’s not good for anyone to have such lights in which makes one feel upset not enjoying evening walks. I don’t understand why other residential areas are much darker and our condos are uncomfortably lit. If someone could inspect our place in the evening to see how terribly lit it is.

  4. Manoj Shah says:

    Hello Christian ,
    We are planning to go for changing all our existing street light fixture with LED type lighting.
    There are 19 Nos. of electric pole.
    From Florida Association News Blog. , we came to know that FPL is helping in this type of changes.
    Our Area is 1001 & 1003 Clint Moore Road , Boca Raton.
    Manoj Shah
    Sr. Manager (Engineering & Maintenance)
    1003 , Clint Moore Road,
    BOCA RATON , FL 33487

  5. Stu Harris says:

    If a 165 watt multi-gas light can be replaced with an energy efficient 40 watt daylight LED light,
    why is the savings only 25 to 50%?

    Why change fixtures? Are there no direct replacement (same socket, same voltage) LED lights available?

  6. AH says:

    As an overview, let us agree on this – many communities are run by individuals who want to govern others, tell others what to do….but by others who have never done this on their own and don’t have the experience base to make rational decisions……ones who cannot make decisions that are in the best interest of the majority of their population, ones who have no experience in managing the efforts of groups or divisions of public employees…..but ones who often do it for some “special interest” they have, or have heard of….so, “by George….no light pollution here!”

    They are willing to tell “others” how to do things, as long as it does not affect them. Some day, if there is a car stolen on their own residential street, or someone attacked, they will be the first to yell and scream about more lighting so crooks will not want to go there.

    A suggestion here….whoever wrote this should go out to their own street, get a ladder, climb up and take out the street light. That way there will be “no” light pollution for them.

    I am amazed that we are talking here, first, as a response, about “light pollution” when switching to led lights cuts down on the cost of the light itself, cuts down on having to produce the same amount of power to light them, on the number of times the light has to be replaced, on the need for replacement ballasts and more.

    Led lights give more light over the same areas, which means more security to see whoever is in that area. Who has a young daughter or son, or wife that works where lights in the parking area are “dim” not bright? Who worries about this? Everyone should. Who actually drives to that center, parks out past the cars and waits to see that their child or spouse gets to the car safely. Their worries are “not” about light pollution. They are worried more about the mugger hiding in the shadows.

    This complaint lodged about “light pollution” is “sort of” like a person complaining about having to give up candles and using flash lights instead. Lights produce more pollution. So, stick with the candles!

    Human beings do change things they use. They “upgrade” and should do so. Example? Fur coats before. None now. Whale oil before. None now. Replaced by a newer, less expensive alternative that actually “does a better job”.

    This also indicates anyone worried about this, most likely has never managed a commercial property or paid the electric bills for one or paid the invoices for repairs. It appears to be from one who has never had to send a staff member out to the parking lot at 10:00 pm, sitting there watching to be sure the employees who are leaving, are safe as they walk to their car.

    I think this offer by fpl is (and I don’t know why they did it) a good one. One that I will follow up on for the properties I am associated with. Hey, if one is worried about “light pollution”, then get rid of the spotlights at grand openings of movies, car dealerships and more. The lights that “shine up into the heavens”. Think of the aliens who are complaining about the light shining their way!

    By the way….who determines what is “enough” light and “too much” light? Well, I hope it is me! But here, I assume it will be someone without the proper experience base.

    I know there will be many “feel good, bleeding heart” responses. However, this response and explanation is based on experience. Ok……yes…..there was one reference to whoever wrote it. But, I am sure that they probably wrote this using the light of a candle and typing it on their smith corona portable type writer with a black and red ribbon of course.

    When there is light, there is no darkness. When properties are well lit, then less bad things happen or can happen, and more good things can happen and might happen. For those afraid of the bright lights, wear sunglasses.

    Having managed in excess of 8 million feet of shopping center space, mostly in years past, but still some today, and now, still consulting with commercial property owners on all aspects of their assets…..this is my “opinion”, but one based on experience.

    I expect a lot of responses from ones who will read this and then work themselves up into a “dither”, as they start breathing hard, as they turn red and respond with nothing factual. But that is life and who we all are.

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