There are two bills: HB 987 and SB 824 dealing with the regulation of vacation rentals in community associations which are very detrimental to associations in Florida. Both could result in uncontrolled expansion of the use of services like Airbnb and VRBO in your condos and HOA’s.

The first is HB 987, which would take away the power from city and county governments to regulate short-term vacation rentals in their communities. This bill would not allow condos and HOAs to amend their documents in the future to restrict rentals in anyway, and it would basically freeze all condo and HOA documents from being amended after July 1st 2019.

Last week, HB 987 did pass out of the Commerce Committee by one vote 13-11 (tie votes bill dies). It is now eligible to be heard on the House Floor.

SB 824 also gives power to the state to regulate vacation rentals in community associations; requiring each person applying for a vacation rental license to provide the Division of Hotels and Restaurants of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation with specified information, etc.

Last week, the Senate Industry, Innovation, and Technology Committee Temporarily Postponed SB 824. The committee decided not to hear the bill at all which is a great victory for community associations. Procedurally, the bill looks likely dead in the Senate for this year. However, if HB 987 does get voted favorably off the House Floor the Senate could waive the rules and take up the House bill.

Campbell Property Management and other leading property management companies in Florida are working together with CEOMC to fight these bills and introduce legislation that will help community associations control this growing problem of commercial short-term rentals.

Click here to see a video with more information.

We are asking for your help in combating HB 987. Please contact your local Representative and ask them to vote NO on HB 987.

by John Tight, CEO, Campbell Property Management

  1. Pamela Bates says:

    There should be unrestricted use of any residential property for rental purposes association governed or not. I applaud the passage of HB 987. Not 824

    • Anonymous says:

      Barbara – Unfortunately to my understanding (and I am not a lawyer) no. Traditional landlord-tenant rental agreements are a different animal from short term vacation rentals which are covered under Chapter 509 Florida Statutes which deals with bed and breakfast and similar business establishments. Most HOA’s that I am aware of are amending their documents to specifically prohibit “short term vacation rentals” and the advertising of such arrangements on any online platform. That is really the key – removing the ability to advertise them online and establishing a daily fine if you find one being advertised. Several communities have a $100 day fine for this. And the courts have also thrown out the defense we first tried to use – “no commercial activity” specifically in dealing with vacation rentals. So it is time to change your language if you want to protect your community.

      • John Wynn says:

        So it’s now May 2019, and I see that HB 987 “Died on Calendar”. Does that mean it’s dead for this year? And that we don’t have a July 1 deadline for changing our documents?

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