Does your HOA have 500 units, 1000 units or 2000 units?  How effective is your inspection process? Are tours completed in a routinely and timely manner? The reason this may not be happening is because the process is just too time consuming, and the manager is consistently putting it off in favor of less time-consuming tasks.  

The good news is that the days of patrolling large communities with a pen and paper to take note of violations are fading away. The huge growth of wireless connectivity and GPS has led to software that can streamline an Association’s processes. If your Association’s violation process still relies on pen and paper, then talking to your management company about a more sophisticated violation software may be worth the while.

There are various advantages to utilizing GPS enabled violations software in your community, outweighing the costs. The new violation software is cloud-based, it tracks your location in the community via GPS, can be used on-the-go with mobile devices, and updates in real time across all users.

Some benefits of being able to use the software on-the-go are:

  • Community maps with color coding for easy identification of homes
  • GPS mapping to pull up addresses near you in real time
  • Documenting violations in real time
  • Photo uploads with notes and time stamps
  • Notify homeowners electronically with one click

All the input from the community inspection is automatically updated in real time across all users and devices via the cloud, including the office staff and board members.

Office staff and board members will be able to continue the inspector’s work by easily managing the information on the violation portal. This includes having the ability to:

  • Review, edit, print, and process violation letters
  • View various styles of reports
  • Access a dashboard for additional resources

Utilizing a GPS enabled violations software for your large HOA community is a great idea if your Association is looking to operate the violation process with increased efficiency.  Speak with your management company today if you think your community could take advantage of this service.

by Evan Bradley, CFO, Campbell Property Management