We recently polled our property managers at Campbell about their experience with committees; what are the challenges and what tips make them successful.

Below is the feedback we received from our Campbell Property Managers, who average over 12 years’ experience in property management.

The biggest challenges committees bring:

  • It is difficult to get a consensus if the committee is greater than three people.
  • Scheduling, research, and logistics of committee meetings can easily slow down the project and make it take much longer.
  • An unclear understanding of the scope of responsibility may result in over-reach and frustration when suggestions made by the committee are not accepted by the board.
  • Personalities are the biggest challenge – if committee members are not getting along with other committee members or board members, it can be very ineffective.
  • Lack of understanding of the subject matter can also be a major challenge.

Tips to make your committees successful:

  • Keep it small – and make sure the committee members are on the same page, no personality conflicts among members or board members.
  • Ensure focus – what is the scope, when, what is out of scope and how should they work with others.
  • Committees are best used on new concepts that not many properties have done, or one-off projects that are infrequent and projects that require aesthetic input.
  • If you are concerned a committee might slow a project down or complicate it – – it probably will. Trust your gut and avoid using a committee in this instance.

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by Ashley Dietz Gray, Marketing Director, Campbell Property Management