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Ashley Dietz Gray, VP MarketingOct 18, 20212 min read

Is Your Association Prepared? Expect Supply Shortages

Rembaum's Association Roundup

There’s news once again reporting food and product supply shortages are on the horizon, if not already here, due to what can only be described as a logistics disaster. This morning’s news reported that there are thousands of shipping crates snarled in a logistical nightmare waiting to be off loaded with no relief in sight.

One news source reported 250,000 crates are waiting to off load.  While no one is yelling “fire in a crowded theater,” (yet) it likely makes sense to get ahead of your association’s inventory needs. That said, hoarding is never a good idea. But, keeping extra inventory on hand may make sense until the supply chains are working correctly again.

shortagesSources for the following include CBS News, the Wall Street Journal and Axios:

“American families are going to face a two-pronged assault:

1. Empty shelves at toy and grocery stores
2. Inflated prices on the toys and groceries that are available.

At this very moment, there are 250,000 shipping containers stuck at sea off the east and west coasts, waiting to be unloaded and it could be months before they get to store shelves. But Biden is presiding over one of the biggest supply chain bottlenecks since WWII: [via CBS News]

  • Ships cant dock because ports are full
  • Ports are full because there aren’t enough truck drivers to take the shipping containers away
  • When truckers do arrive, the ports are poorly staffed and they can’t offload fast enough, resulting in truck drivers who used to pick up 20 loads/week, now only able to take six
  • The cost of shipping a container from China to the U.S. is now $20,000, four times higher than this time last year.

It’s already begun: Stores across the country are already restricting supplies. Try not to have flashbacks to March 2020, but Costo and Walmart have announced they are limiting sales of toilet paper in some stores. And around the country, there are shortages of goods on shelves in Target, Costco, Home Depot, and Sears.

Warning about your Christmas feast: Axios is reporting that food supplies will also be impacted: “Grocery stores could have limited quantities of a number of products heading into the holidays after some of the country’s biggest food manufacturers say they’re short on supply.”

The Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” comes to mind!

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