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Diego Hernandez, Marketing Coordinator Mar 24, 2022 1 min read

Securing & Modernizing your Sales & Lease Application Process

For communities still using paper applications, the sales and lease application process is not only an operational bottleneck, but also a significant security risk with regards to the applicant’s sensitive information. There are now third-party vendors specializing in online resident application processing and background screening. Fortunately, Campbell Property Management specializes in the implementation, maintenance, and servicing of online sale and lease applications.

Here are a few of the many benefits that your community could take advantage of by implementing an online application process:

  • Eliminate Time Spent on Processing Applications. The entire application is completed on the online portal. An applicant fills in the application, uploads any required documents, and pays application fees directly on the secure portal. No longer will your association need to collect multiple packets of paper, make copies of IDs, deal with physical checks, or chase down applicants for missing information from a paper application. The person responsible for processing the applications will receive an email indicating that the applicant has completed the application and is ready to be reviewed.
  • Enhanced Security. The board and management will never be exposed to an applicant’s sensitive information (SSN numbers, driver's license numbers, passport numbers, etc.). The third-party vendor is the only one who receives an applicant’s sensitive information and performs the credit or background check, as required by certain associations’ application processes. Once management receives a completed application, the sensitive information is redacted.
  • Customization. The online application can be customized to match the fields on your association’s existing application. This includes the fields, documents, and fees required. Forms can also be included, such as a condo’s “Rules and regulations” or other association-specific agreements.
  • Convenience. Since the application is online, the applicant can provide their information, documents, and payment from the comforts of their home and can save their progress as they go. They will no longer need to drive to the management office to deliver any documents.

Applications through online processors are becoming an industry standard. Using this technology protects applicants’ sensitive data from identity theft, makes the application process easier and quicker for the applicant, and streamlines the application process for the board and management.

If your association is still processing paper sales and lease applications, contact your representative from Campbell Property Management for a consultation on digitizing and securing your sale and lease application process.