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Diana Quigley, Education and Change Management ManagerSep 7, 20221 min read

Concrete Restoration in the Wake of the Champlain Towers South Tragedy

Long before the Champlain Towers South concrete structural failure and the resulting tragedy, concrete restoration has been at the top of the list of maintenance and repairs for most of the Associations, but more so for the condo communities, not just for the 3 or more story condos but for even the 2 story condos. Even 2 story condos may have to redo balconies due to concrete or rebar failures. While a 2 story balcony failure may not have the same catastrophic results as a hi-rise concrete failure may have, it can still be devastating to an Association.

An article that was recently republished in FCAP magazine stated that most Associations don’t know where to start and they came up with a “road map” to helping you get the project off the ground. The following are just excerpts but you can read the entire article by clicking here.

Structural concrete restoration consists of repairing deteriorated concrete and rusted reinforcing steel to bring the structure back to its original specifications and condition. Structural damage is often found on elevated slabs and catwalks, decks, and parking areas, mostly caused by moisture intrusion resulting in the rebar rusting.

It can be more than just the normal rain, tropical storm & hurricane weather. It can also be caused by occupants putting decorations into the exterior of the building, such as the walls on their balconies or terraces, or putting tile or carpeting on the balcony or terrace that allows water to seep under to the concrete and never dries properly. Water setting on concrete spells disaster. Same with catwalks, sidewalks, parking areas, all this concrete and our Florida weather spells concrete failure at some point.