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Madelyn Hill, Huntington Lakes Safety and Security Advisory Committee Aug 15, 2022 3 min read

Beware: The Latest Scams You Need to Avoid

Below are some of the latest scams you should be aware of and tips for how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

The Package Delivery Scam

If you are contacted by phone, text, or in person regarding a delivery you do not expect, never provide any personal or financial information to anyone in connection with the delivery. Click here to read more about how to identify and avoid these scams.

Scammers Exploit High Gas Prices

Fraudsters are posing as government officials offering help from a bogus “Fuel Relief Program”, while other scammers are running ads on social media that offer a chance to win a $500 gas card by taking a survey. There is no "Fuel Relief Program," and there is no “Free Gas Card”, but victims who fill out the survey will wind up seeing unauthorized charges on their credit card or bank account. Learn more about the scam program here, and more about the survey scam here.

What You Need To Know About Scam Texts

A new report from Robokiller says over 87 billion spam texts were reported in 2021. During the month of June alone, 12 billion spam texts were sent. That's nearly 44 spam texts for every person in the country. Click here for some tips to remember to fight off those Robotexts.

Car Thefts On The Rise

NICB said that nearly 1 million vehicles were reported stolen in 2021. Make sure you lock your doors and never leave valuables in your vehicle. The NICB suggests that car owners use an immobilizing or tracking device in vehicle(s). Reporting a theft quickly also improves the chance of recovery. Read more here.

988: The New Support Hotline

People struggling with issues related to depression, anxiety, financial stress, etc. can now use the official numbers to call for support and a suicide prevention hotline. However, If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from the new support hotline, hang up and call the hotline back yourself!

Postcard Claiming You May Be Eligible For Financial Death Benefits

Scammers are sending cards stating that Social Security provides a financial death benefit and that there is a state benefit also if you qualify. They ask you to fill out personal information and return the card. These cards are sent out by marketing firms and are designed to generate leads insurance firms, medical supply companies and other companies looking to appeal to seniors will buy these lists. Read more here.

Palm Beach County Arrest Scam

PBSO announced that there is an imposter claiming to be an employee of the PBC Sheriff’s Office and is calling community members, advising the recipient of the call that a family member is in custody for a domestic related charge and they have a bond of $ 10,000. The imposter goes on to say if you pay 10% of the bond the family member can be released. Read the official statement here.