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Dan Tiernan, COO Sep 15, 2014 3 min read

Manager's Wisdom: Is Your Association Ready for a Hurricane?

During one of Campbell’s recent Manager’s Meetings we had our managers break into small groups and discuss some important “How to” topics in property management. One of those topics was “Is Your Association Ready for a Hurricane?” Below is a synopsis of the prevailing opinions of our best managers.

hurricane-surf-300x199This will be an ongoing series, where we share best practices, as defined by our Campbell Managers, who average over 12 years’ experience in property management.

Here is what they told us about how to prepare your association for a hurricane:

Being fully prepared for hurricane season is not a simple task. If you have neglected this process for the past several years, count yourself lucky. As we approach the end of the season, you may want to double-check and make sure that your community is fully prepared. What does it mean to be hurricane ready?

It is all about thinking through the process from start to finish. Here is what the Campbell managers we polled told us:

  1. Do you have a written PLAN? This is where it all starts. Many of us are familiar with the saying "if we fail to plan, we plan to fail." Click here for more information.
  2. Have you PREPARED for the season? Once you have the plan, you must execute it. Trim all trees, check each generator (fuel included), verify supplies, and inspect each drainage system for any potential blocks. Don't forget to make sure all key vendors are prepared, too.
  3. Do you know what to do immediately BEFORE the storm? What properties need to be secured and who needs to do it? Do hurricane shutters need to be installed? How do you communicate all of this information with residents?
  4. How do you operate DURING the storm? What are the responsibilities of the Board, staff and owners during the storm? What should people expect? Should we advise owners on what foods and/or supplies they should stock up on?
  5. What do you do AFTER the storm? How do you contact your key vendors in case of issues? Have you established a response/priority level? How, when and what do we communicate with owners?

This post is by no means meant to be a comprehensive tutorial on hurricane preparedness. However, we hope that our managers have reminded you of the breadth and depth required to be truly prepared.

Hurricane season is not a time to be unorganized and unprepared. For more information on how to properly prepare your condo or homeowners association for a hurricane, click here. You can also find more information here.