Water AerobicsOn April 1, 2016, Bruce Moyer had a stroke which would affect the entire left side of his body. Refusing to be defeated, Bruce made several lifestyle changes to improve his mobility and overall quality of life. These changes included buying a condo at Corniche in Singer Island and taking up water aerobics. Both changes would go on to impact not only Bruce, but also the other residents at Corniche.

Bruce started taking water aerobics courses at the local Jewish Community Center (JCC) and instantly loved them. “Everyone can benefit from water aerobics,” says Bruce. Over time, Bruce learned all the routines. He also noticed a very special social component; his classmates from the JCC would go to lunch together and celebrate birthdays together. There was lots of camaraderie.

water 4 (002)Occasionally, Bruce would do some of the water aerobics routines in the pool at Corniche and he noticed that many of his neighbors were very interested in trying it out too. He spoke to Rafael Solis, Property Manager of Corniche about holding formal classes at the pool. But they couldn’t find an instructor. Bruce has been in business for over 40 years but received his degree in education and was a teacher prior to this. “I figured, I know all the routines, I can teach water aerobics for my neighbors,” says Bruce. So, he bought all the equipment and started teaching. “Sometimes, we get more than 30 people in the pool at a time taking a water aerobics class. I tweak the classes to the needs of the other residents. We play Motown music, and everyone is invited and encouraged to join in,” says Bruce. There is no charge for the classes.


These classes have really brought the building together and helped grow the sense of community. Neighbors who had never said a word to one another, met during a water aerobics class and now have formed friendships. These classes have really brought the residents together. And, this sense of community has permeated to other areas of the building. The Corniche now have cocktail parties every other Wednesday night, book club, poker nights, Zumba and special event nights.

Water Aerobics

Bruce Moyer set out to heal himself through water aerobics, but it turned out that he also helped to bring the community together at Corniche through his journey.

Bruce Moyer is a seasonal resident at Corniche, spending half of the year in Singer Island and the other half in Boston where he resides with his wife, Marlene. Bruce has been a resident at Corniche for three years. He and Marlene have four daughters and 3 grand kids.

by Ashley Dietz Gray, Marketing Director, Campbell Property Management