Image result for termite damage treeIt is well known that termite infestation can bring severe damage to the wood in and around our homes and other structures. However, many people do not realize that certain kinds of termites start their colonies near trees not structures. One of these is the Asian subterranean termite, first found in South Florida in the early 2000’s.

The Asian subterranean termites start their colonies in or around trees, reaching full maturity within five years, at which point the colony could hold several million termites. This type of colony not only results in the demise of the infected tree, but may also then expand and damage the surrounding structures and flora. These invasive wreckers have been spreading extensively over South Florida.

The good news is that infestation and growth of these termite colonies can be eliminated, if caught early on, by using above ground baits containing chitin synthesis Inhibitors. By taking preventative measures, as opposed to reactive measures, the termite colonies can be prevented from seriously damaging trees and avoid future damage to surrounding structures. Following a routine of tree inspection, termite detection and colony elimination will help prevent loss of tree canopies and structural damage on your properties.

by Shane Humble, President, Complete Property Maintenance, Inc.