When it’s time to hire your new Community Association Manager or CAM, there are lots of different opinions on what is important. Having been in business for over 50 years, Campbell has learned a lot about what is important when hiring Managers. 

We have looked back at our best hires and believe we have figured it out. While every community is unique, we have ultimately identified 7 key attributes that you should be looking for when hiring your CAM, regardless of whether it is a Condo or HOA.

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The hardest part of all this is how do you know if someone really has these attributes. The only people that know are the ones that have worked with this person in the past. That is why references and reputation are so important.

If you hire a reputable property management company that has a track record of high-performance employees – as reported by their clients – then you remove the risk. Your property management company should ultimately be responsible for making sure you have an effective Property Manager. Ultimately, you should focus on hiring a firm – rather than a person. For information on what to look for in a Property Management Company, click here.