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Diego Hernandez, Marketing CoordinatorJul 17, 20203 min read

Seagate Towers Condominium Interior Renovation

Architectural styles and interior design, like fashion and apparel, are heavily influenced by the attitudes and current trends of the period in which they are developed. Like any trend, or fad, those design styles generally become go out of style and are looked to be replaced with something more contemporary. Seagate Towers Condominium came across this issue when determining that certain areas of the Condo had fallen into the “out of style” class.

Background Information

Seagate Towers is a 55+ Condominium association situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the intracoastal waterway in Delray Beach, Florida. The association consists of two towers with a total of 149 units. Originally completed in 1970, the building had already undergone a renovation in 2000. Nonetheless, the Board of Directors felt that the renovation had already grew out of style and needed to be updated once more. In early 2019, the Board began to prepare for the renovation by generating ideas and receiving bids from construction and design contractors.

Undergoing the Renovation

Near the tail end of the planning process, May of 2019, the Board of Directors hired Campbell Property Management to take over the management duties of the association. Campbell also brought on Property Manager Joann Bedia to manage the association and spearhead the renovation project from thereon.

As President of the Association, I was very pleased with the outcome of our renovation. Campbell Property Management was brought on board during final stages of planning and enabled us to successfully execute a long overdue renovation. This was thanks to the guidance and expertise of our property manager Joann Bedia, as well as all the support Campbell Property Management and their team shared.” - Jack Varsalona, Board President

The Board decided to focus their renovations on the interior common areas of the two towers, specifically the lobbies and the coastal room in the South Tower. After the bidding process and help from some residents, the Board chose a Design group to create the new design of the areas and a construction company to perform the work. With help from the Design group, the Board decided to go with a modern, minimalistic design for the renovation work. After months of planning, the renovation work began during mid-August of 2019.


After only five months of work, the renovation was complete in early 2020 for the designated areas of the condominium. The design of both lobbies was modernized with new flooring, stylish furniture and accents, contemporary color schemes and polished reception desks.

The coastal room was updated with sharp new shelving, comfortable padded seats and couches and a totally reconstructed kitchen with new appliances. There were some aspects of the renovation that could not be completed due to budgetary reasons, including adding additional accessories. These additions may be completed in the future, once it is determined that the funds are available.

Having just joined Seagate Towers as their renovation project was about to get started, I was thankful to be part of this amazing transformation. It was an exciting time, as it had been 20 years since these areas were renovated. The Board of Directors and the residents at Seagate Towers were wonderful to work with. I was especially grateful for the never-ending support I received from Campbell Property Management and their employees.” – Joann Bedia, Property Manager

Thanks to the work of Joann Bedia and the Seagate Towers Board, the overdue interior renovation was a resounding success. The upgrades provided by the renovation to the common areas of the building were largely appreciated by the residents.

To watch a short "before and after" video of Seagate Towers' interior renovation, please click here.