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Diego Hernandez, Marketing CoordinatorDec 9, 20202 min read

How To Ensure Your Painting Project Is Watertight

Does your association have a major painting project coming up? If so, you may be searching for painting contractors and manufacturers to complete your project.

I recently spoke with Marcel Rosen, Owner and President of RCI Painting. Having started the company on his own in 1987 as the only painter, the company has grown substantially and is now a well-known painting company in South Florida.

Many people tend to view painting as simply aesthetic projects. However, Marcel always points out to his customers that this is not the case, especially in South Florida. Heavy winds in tandem with rain causes “driving rain,” which can run itself into any cracks in structures. By applying paint, those cracks are essentially waterproofed by applying the compounds and coatings in and over them. Painting can also waterproof and prevent rotting in wood and delamination in stucco surfaces.

When choosing a paint manufacturer, you will find that most paint manufacturers are very competitive with each other. All top paint manufacturers will basically give you the same warranty and price on top of the line paints. No one company is necessarily better than the other, so your decision may just come down to the individual sales reps that you deal with.

When choosing a paint contractor, you will want to do some digging. First, check how long the company has been in business. You can find out their legal name by searching on Sunbiz to find out what year they were incorporated. Secondly, you should ask around for referrals, especially from surrounding communities in your area. Once you choose the contractor, it may be a good idea to have your attorney review the contract. Some contractors, such as RCI, do not require down payments and are only paid once the work has been completed and approved. This gives the association an added sense of security and keeps the contractors accountable.

During the project, make sure that your painting contractor is working with the paint manufacturer to review the work and get a written inspection report. By doing this, you ensure the work is being done properly and if there are any issues down the line, it will be easier to determine if the work was done properly. The association will be covered as well as the painting contractor.

Once the painting project is done, you can expect paint to last through the 7- or 8-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. There are some paints that offer a 10-year warranty, but since the warranty only covers the aesthetic aspect of the paint and not the waterproofing, it is not advisable to select a paint with 10-year warranty. It is best practice for communities to paint every 7 years, or every 6 years if the budget permits. For condominiums near the ocean, it is advisable to paint every 6 years.

You can get in touch with Marcel Rosen from RCI Painting at 561-737-3566.