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Ashley Dietz Gray, VP Marketing Jun 4, 2021 2 min read

Hurricane Season 2021: Is Your Community Association Ready?

Hurricane season began on June 1. Has your community association taken some time to prepare?

If not, here are some tips that will help you prepare your community association for this year’s hurricane season:

  • Keep your Residents in the know – Regularly send your residents updates on the hurricane status. Make sure you post evacuation routes and other information to make sure residents are aware of what to do in case of an emergency. Post this information in common areas and as visible as possible.
  • Distribute important Information – Send packets to the residents with important information including contact information for the property manager and company, local food stores, shelters, and local state emergency departments.
  • Create or Restock your Emergency Kit – If you do not have one, create an emergency kit including first aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, water and other emergency goods. Make sure you have enough quantity levels.
  • Record for Insurance – It is helpful to take pictures and videos of the property before a storm to facilitate damage assessment afterwards. Also make sure all the insurance policies are current and you have all the contact details on hand in case it is needed.
  • Data Backup – Make sure to backup all important computer files that are crucial to the association. You may also want to print out a list of association vendors and owner contact information.
  • Secure your Facilities – minimize damage to your association’s facilities by covering all windows, shut down pool and other water pumps, and bring in any loose objects that may be picked up by strong winds.

We also highly recommend you download the hurricane preparedness guide for your County. This will help you understand the specific resources and services available in your local area.

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Ashley Dietz Gray, VP Marketing

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