This is the second in a series of posts that will share the experiences of three previously self-managed condominiums that transitioned to professional management with Campbell Property Management.

In this week’s video, the discussion is focused on:

The selection process for hiring a professional management company.

After meeting with various management companies, the three Associations decided to hire Campbell Property Management. Among other factors, the three Presidents agreed that Campbell’s localized focus, personalized solutions, and attention to detail were the key reasons for their selection.

Please click the play button below to watch “Self-Management to Professional Management – The Selection Process with Campbell Property Management.”

Stay tuned for the next post in the “Self-Management to Professional Management Transformation” series.

About this Series:

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a round table discussion with three Presidents of Condominium Associations in South Florida who moved from self-management to professional management with Campbell Property Management.

Each of these hi-rises:

  • Seagate Towers in Delray,
  • Sky Harbour East in Fort Lauderdale, and  
  • The Carlton in Boca,

All started with Campbell in 2019, so we thought it would be great to check in two years later and discuss the transformation they each experienced over the first two years of professional management with Campbell.

The round table discussion covered various topics including:

  • the reason for considering the change from self-management to professional management,
  • the selection process,
  • overcoming objections from owners,
  • changes in management and services, and
  • how their role as a Board Member has changed.

A video of the full discussion (approximately 45 minutes) can be viewed here.

by Ashley Dietz Gray, Marketing Director, Campbell Property Management