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Elderly couple enjoying the pool
Diana Quigley, Education and Change Management ManagerMay 18, 20221 min read

Tips for Pool Season

Although it’s pool season year round in South Florida, it’s also helpful to follow these tips as the weather heats up and we see an influx of more residents and guests. The following tips will guide you when keeping your pool area safe.

1. Inventory your keys/fobs now to ensure that you have an updated list of who has what for access to the pool area.

2. Make sure your pool contracts are up to date. Updated contracts will ensure that issues with the pool or the equipment are identified and resolved to lessen any down time with the pool. Regular monitoring is key to getting those issues resolved with as little inconvenience to your residents as possible.

3. Have your drain covers inspected to ensure they are compliant with safety standards. They typically need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years but should be inspected annually.

4. Do your pool rules sign need to be updated due to Health Department new rules? Get your signs ordered now.

5. Make sure your pool furniture is cleaned and inspected.

6. Does your pool safety equipment meet guidelines and is fully operational?

With a little bit of effort on the front end, the following months of pool use will be more pleasurable for your residents and their guests.