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Scott Harvey-Lewis, Building MavensAug 2, 2022< 1 min read

The Requirements Of The Florida “Milestone Inspection Report”

According to Florida statutes, the new Milestone Inspection Report must have the following:

  • The seal and signature of the licensed engineer or architect who performed the inspection.
  • The manner and type of inspections performed.
  • Identification of the substantial structural deterioration and a description of the deterioration.
  • State whether unsafe or dangerous conditions exist.
  • Recommend any remedial or preventative repairs.
  • Identify any further items requiring further inspection.

Upon completion of this report, a sealed copy must be furnished to the Condominium or Co-Op and to the building officials in the local government body who has jurisdiction over the building.   

The association must distribute a copy of the report to each unit owner by US Mail or electronic mail if the owners have given consent. They must post a copy of the summary in a conspicuous place on the property and publish a copy of the website if required. 

Local enforcement agencies may give deadlines to complete the work necessary to get into compliance. All repairs must commence within 365 days of receipt of such report.