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PJ Biondolillo, Campbell Property ManagementNov 3, 2020< 1 min read

Don’t let your guard down! Hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30.

Hurricane Eta made landfall today, Tuesday, November 3rd on Nicaragua's eastern coast. The onset of this storm has tied the most named storms in the Atlantic Basin in recorded history.

As a property owner in South Florida, it is imperative to remain vigilant and prepared throughout the entirety of hurricane season. Hurricane season officially ends on the last day of November each year. Although unlikely, it is still possible for storms to form outside of hurricane season.

Eta will likely lose most of its intensity tracking over other land masses. However, there is still a chance that South Florida will be affected by the storm in some way. 

Below is a screenshot of the GFS model, bringing the eye west of Boca Raton on Sunday, November 8th at 5am. In addition, below is the more traditional cone forecast from NOAA as of Tuesday, November 3 at 12pm. The track and intensity of this storm will change each day, so please monitor closely.